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Communiting Mill Machine Manufacturer In India. We are one of the largest Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturers from India, " Communiting Mill Machine" is used in Granulation Department for making granules, and Communiting Mill Machine is most widely used in the Pharma Industry. We can get 800 kgs. Per hour depending on the product and sieve we used.
Oscillating Granulator Manufacturer In India We are the largest making “Oscillating Granulator” Manufacturers from India. Oscillating Granulator, plays an important part in the process of granulation in tablet making as quality of tablet is determined by the virtue of the granules used for its compression Oscillating Granulator can be used for wet and dry aspect of the granulation process . Quality of granules are better compared to other processing machineries like multi mill, comminuting mill etc All contact parts are in stainless steel Mounted on a base Adjustment, cleaning and operation are simple Sturdy, durable, better productivity Unique oscillatory rotor action ensures high outputs and a predictable product with minimum of fines Technical Specification Of Oscillating Granulator : Out Put 75-200 Kgs / hour (Depends upon mesh andmaterial nature.) Rotor Drive Through Reduction Gear Box. Screen Perforated type. Motor 1.5 H.p. / 3.0 ph., 440 V AC Frequency Drive (Optional ) : To vary the desired speed
Tablet Compression Machine Manufacturer In India. We are the largest making “Tablet Compression Machine” Manufacturers from India. Tablet Compression Machine are an essential component of manufacturing oral solid dosage formulations. This Tablet Compression Machine support precision manufacturing and provide highly uniform results while minimizing dependency on operator skill. All Tablet Compression Machine are fully compliant with pharmaceutical documentation. We offers power-packed, yet precise Tablet Compression Machine tooling for its high-speed tableting machines. Application Of Tablet Compression Machine : Square GMP Model. C.I. Body and C.I. Middle plate Paint free tablet manufacturing zone. Turret of S.G. Iron Special Grade Casting Separate centre pillar of C.I. graded casting. Disc type friction clutch start system. Upper Punch Penetration system Electronic Digital Tablet cum RPM Counter. Inter lock switches to all Guards. Double Sided lifting cams. Lower Guard of Stainless Steel & Upper Guards of Acrylic Material. Aluminum Turret Guards. 13. Effective Dust Extraction Nozzles. Imported needle roller bearing provided at the bottom of turret. Re-designed Variable Speed Pulley, One shot Lubrication System and Anti Vibrating Mounts are provided. Very rigid Gun metal Feed frame (both identical) with sufficient height to avoid spill over of powder Turret with key slots, essential for shaped tooling provided on 27, 33, 35 & 37 station machine (optional on 41 & 45 station machine.) Separate, front and rear take off chutes to avoid any blockage or double compression resulting in accident. Oil groove on top face of turret for collection of excess oil. Special Additional Features S.S. Turret Die / Middle Plate. A.C. Frequency Drive for Main Motor. Square GMP Model with S.S. Lower Half Enclosures. Safety Switches at Acrylic Guards. Automatic Centralised Lubrication System. Upper Punch Penetration. Technical Specification Models RDB4-27D RDB4-27 RDB4-35 RDB4-45 No . Of Stations 27 27 35 45 Type of Tooling D B B BB Output Tab./Min. 900-2268 900-2268 1167-2940 1500-3781 Max.Op. Pressure 100 kN 65 kN 65 kN 65 kN Max. Tab. Dia. 25 mm 16 mm 16 mm 11.1 mm Max. Dpt. of Fill 20 mm 17.5 mm 17.5 mm 17.5 mm Upper Punch Pen 1.5-8 mm 1.5-8 mm 1.5-8 mm 1.5-8 mm Max. Turret RPM 40 RPM 40 RPM 40 RPM 40 RPM Main Motor 4 / 5 HP, 1440 RPM, 3 Ph. A.C. Supply Overall Dmns. 1040 x 1000 x 1790H (mm) Approx. Net Weight 1150 Kgs. Approx.
Multi Mill Machine Manufacturer In India.. We are the largest making “Multi Mill Machine” Manufacturers from India, Multi Mill is used in different functions involving wet & dry granulation pulvensation etc. of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Bulk drug, Cosmetic, Colors, Dyestrutts, Food products etc. The Multi Mill Machine consists of stainless steel hopper, processing chamber with beater assembly, Motor, DOL stater, three speed puley, screen and study body. We are known in the market as a leading Pharmaceutical Multi Mill Machine Manufacturer in India. Operation Of Multi Mill Machine : It operates on the principle of variable force swing beaters having both knife and impact edges rotating within a selected screen to get the required size reduction. Material fed in the hopper goes down to the processing chamber where it moves to the periphery and passes through the screen radially and tangentially. Finally the processed material gets collected in the container kept below the processing chamber. Output and quality of the final product depends on three main factors : (1) Shape of beaters (knife/impact edges) (2) Speed (3) Screen Description Of Multi Mill Machine :. Unit consists of S.S. 304 quality hopper and processing chamber (can be provided is S.S. 316 quality at extra cost) with beaters assembly, motor, reversible switch, DOL starter, four speed step pulley, Suitable screen with painted pillar mounted on base plate, with castors. Salient Features Of Multi Mill Machine : Direction of beaters can be changed by reversible switch from knife to impact forward and vice-versa. All contact parts can be easily and quickly dismantled and cleaned. Machine is designed for continuous operation. Cylindrical screen for higher output. Castors provided for mobility.Flame proof electricals can be provided at extra cost. Beaters and scrapper blades of SS 410 quality are hardened and hard chrome plated. Technical Specifications Models RDMMM Output 50 to 200 kgs/hr Rotor Speed 750 / 1500 / 2300 / 3000 RPM Screen Dia ID 260 mm x HT 135 mm Electricals 3 HP. 3 . A.C. * Varies according to product characteristic, rotor speed and screen type. OPTIONAL SIEVES ON DEMAND SS Perforated Screen sizes (Holes dia in mm) (a) 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 (b) 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (c) 7, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25. SS Wire Mesh Sieve 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, 30, 40, 50, 60 (b) 80, 100.
HIGH SPEED TABLET PRESS MANUFACTURERS- We are the largest making “High Speed Tablet Press” Manufacturers from India.We manufacture a variety of High Speed Tablet Press from small to volumes to large volumes, High speed Tablet press is one of the Model for large volume manufacturers. High Speed Tablet Press comes in four models RDIVD-45, RDIVB-55, RDIVBB-69, RDIVBB-75;High Speed Tablet Press starts from 45 station D tooling to 75 station with BB tooling. High Speed Tablet Press comes with front controls and with PLC(optional). Salient Features Of “High Speed Tablet Press”: It is a high speed Rotary Tablet Press (Riddhi Press IV) for higher table output, suitable for large batch production. High Speed Tablet Press Machine is having a square design with total consideration of GMP standards. All the tablet parameters can be fine tuned during the operation of the machine from front side which are at outside the machine, having SEIKO type dials. The machine is having elegantly designed cabinet top of SS-304. The machine is having round hoppers of SS-304 with Butterfly valve The machine is having Pre-compression feature. The machine is equipped with A.C. variable frequency drive for the main motor Machine is also having A.C. variable frequency drive for force feeding motors, which enables operators to synchronize machine's speed & feed both. The machine is having Electromagnetic clutch arrangements. The machine is having one piece turret of special grade casting. However, three piece turret with SS-304/SS-316 middle plate is also available (optionally). Electro less nickel plating can also be available to the turret (optionally). Lower punch seals are provided at lower punch hole in turret (optionally). The machine is having Helical gear ring to drive the turret. The machine is having hard chrome plated, MS Fabricated upper roll carriers. The machine is having BALL BEARING TYPE upper & lower pressure rolls. The machine is having specially designed pressure Link Assly. Which ensures sufficient & equal pressure to the tablets. The machine is having tablet weight consistency. The machine is having sturdy Aluminium section framed, Polycarbonate guards with SS Hinges & Handle & are also fitted with Gas Filled - Shock absorbers. The lower guard of the machine are of SS-304 material having excellent matt finish. All guards are interlocked for safety. The machine is having auto lubrication system. There is no colour part in tablet manufacturing zone & all other parts are either of SS-304 material or Gunmetal or of hard chrome plated. All Hardware are used of SS-304 quality in tablet manufacturing zone. There is no colour part in tablet manufacturing zone & all other parts are either of SS-304 material or Gunmetal or of hard chrome plated. All Hardware are used of SS-304 quality in tablet manufacturing zone. The machine is having box type Detachable control panel having all electrical controls on the top. Acrylic cover is also provided to protect the controls from the dust. The machine is having center Drive Type Gear Box. The machine is having Hydraulic Power pack for pressure loading and overload release. A Hydraulic Gauge is also provided on lower guard for easy view. The machine is having anti vibrating mounts. Technical Specification OF High Speed Tablet Press : Models RDIVD-45 RDIVB-55 RDIVBB-69 RDIVBB-75 Tooling D B BB BB No . Of Stations 45 55 69 75 Max . Output(Tab/hr) 325, 000 396, 000 497, 000 540, 000 Max . Operating Pressure(Main) 100 kN 65 kN 65 kN 65 kN Max . Operating Pressure(Pre-Comp.) 10 kN 10 kN 10 kN 10 kN Max . Tablet Dia 25 mm 16 mm 11.1 mm 11.1mm Max . Depth of Fill 20 mm 17.4 mm 17.4 mm 17.4mm Upp.Punch Penetration 2 to 8 mm 2 to 8 mm 2 to 8 mm 2 to 8 mm Main Motor 10 HP / 7.5 kW / 3 PHASE / A.C. Force Feeder Motor 0.25 HP / 8.75 kW / 3 PHASE / A.C. Total Power 12 HP / 8.75 kW / 3 PHASE / A.C. Overall Dimensions 172 x 162 x 192(H)(Cms.) Approx. Net Weight 3750 Kgs. Approx